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We frequently get asked the question, how do I start investing? Our suggestion, check out the Build Wealth by Investing and How to Make Money Like a Millionaire courses taught by the founder of Personal Finance Course and friend of the show, Jeremy Schnieder. If you've been listening to The Struggle is Real, you know we believe this is the most optimal, consistent way to build wealth. I don't believe in any gimmicks or get rich quick schemes. This course doesn't include any of that, but you will find investing broken down into easily understandable concepts and simple to follow rules. Jeremy and his team literally built the personal finance course we wish was taught in school. If you are someone who's wanted to start investing, but doesn't know what to do, this course is perfect for you. A White Coat Investor Company

How do you best manage six-figure student loan debt when the financial consequences of getting it wrong can be so disastrous? It’s honestly a scary question that grows more and more complicated each year.

Medical, dental, and other high-income professionals have trusted the White Coat Investor to answer the difficult financial questions in their lives since 2011. Now, you can look to WCI for expert advice and customized solutions to manage and eliminate your student loan burden at

Led by Student Loan Consultant, Andrew Paulson, you can rest easy knowing you have a partner and a plan to slay your student loans in the most effective way possible.

The Career Toolkit

by Mark A. Herschberg