I really enjoy listening to the stories that Justin and guests tell. This podcast is informative and captivating. Well done, Justin!


Justin is top-notch! He’s got an epic energy that makes self improvement feel so fun!

It’s a 10/10

Justin had me on his podcast a few weeks ago. Now, I’ve done plenty of podcast interviews before, but non like Justin’s. He was BY FAR the best podcast host I’ve ever encountered. Professional, prepared, fun, knowledgeable, etc. He was so good, in fact, that I hired his company, SimplePod, to take over producing my podcast. His content is great. His execution - even better. If that’s possible…

NPR has nothing on Justin!

I think Justin is destined for his own NPR show someday. He’s incredibly researched and knows how to bring more out of his guests than most hosts. Incredible podcast.

Adulting Made Simple

Justin and his guests do an amazing job of helping young professionals navigate so many of the challenges that crop up in early adulthood. He’s a terrific interviewer, which makes learning important things interesting and fun!

Relatable Content

This podcast never fails to hit topics that are actually applicable and really teach you something. Justin is an amazing host and guides the episodes in a natural pattern. So great!

Are you ready to be a better person??

I have listened to five episodes so far and with each and every one I have come away with a better perspective on what was being discussed. I can confidently say that I’m a better version of myself after having gained those perspectives. Justin does incredible research before he talks to his guests and his genuine desire to learn comes through with each question. The best podcasts are the ones in which the host has curiosity, great listening skills, and the ability to concisely ask a question that gets the guest to talk passionately about something. Justin more than checks all of those boxes. This one is now firmly entrenched in my list of “can’t miss” podcasts. Thanks to Justin and his team for putting out such amazing content!

Amazing podcast!

Justin is a fantastic host, does his research and is an excellent interviewer! This is one podcast I just wouldn’t miss especially if you want self validation your own respective journeys!

Relevant Information for folks in their 20s!

A great podcast with a great host. Covering an array of applicable topics, perfect for those entering adulthood.


I really enjoy listening to the stories that Justin and guests tell. This podcast is informative and captivating. Well done, Justin!

Get “Real”

Everything about Justin’s Podcast is real. Real problems. Real solutions. Real people with real ideas about how to improve your life. The content is straightforward with very practical advice. Loaded with great conversations with amazing people and fantastic insights about what to do now to deal with todays challenges for a better life…tomorrow. It real-ly good stuff!

Loved the episode on Loneliness

There are so many episodes that speak right to problems I have in life and I’m excited to listen to them. The one on loneliness caught my attention specifically. Who knew 50% of our experience of loneliness was genetically predetermined? Justin is a great guy with a great show.

Great interviews, great interviewer

Justin obviously does his homework. His questions are well-thought and deeply researched, and he seems to pull out great knowledge from his podcast guests. The quality of the end product makes it obvious that Justin really cares about his listeners’ time.

Where was this when I was growing up?

Justin (and the guests he so beautifully chooses) sheds lights on topics that I’ve struggled with my whole life (the weight, the finances, relationships). Regardless of where you are in life’s journey, this community helps you navigate through it.

A great podcast!

We need more voices like Justin’s to help diminish fear and normalize the fact that Adulting is hard! Justin‘s sincere curiosity and openness about asking the questions that most people don’t ask is really helping this generation get there faster than the previous ones. This podcast helps take the fear out of Adulting!


Justin is an amazing host, his insight is always informative and present in a way that makes you want to keep listening. He drives excellent conversations, and talks abt concepts that, frankly, you need to know about, a must listen to podcast

So Very Powerful

Justin opens the difficult topics with a unique care and concern. Right from the beginning of listening I am excited to listen in and see what comes next. Whether your a young professional or love one this show will give you insight to their struggles.

Great insights! A true gem

Such an inspiring and actionable podcast. Justin is a fantastic host that has mastered the art of asking great questions that leads to great insights from his guests. This podcast is truly one of a kind! Thank you Justin for all the hard work you put into your show 😊

A Podcast I Wish Existed When I Was Younger!

As an “older than average” listener, I still pick up many useful insights and nuggets of wisdom from Justin and his guests! “The Struggle Is Real” is such a valuable offering to those trying to be the best adults today. Justin has a calm, professional, yet relatable voice and demeanor and he has brought together a great list of guests covering wide-ranging topics that are relevant to everyday life.

Everything I didn’t learn in grade school

Everything I didn’t learn in grade school, even college, and beyond. Justin is a great host and brings on brilliant guests from unique backgrounds. Great education and fun discussion.

A show that breaks it down!

I love how this show breaks down the basics! Justin’s explanation of money topics makes it very easy to follow and understand. It’s even more fun when he brings on a guest to help with complicated topics. I love to have things shrunk down to a few digestible bites, instead of turning in the firehose😁

Interview with Justin

I did a podcast with Justin in 2021 and I was extremely impressed with how he ran our episode. He had done significant homework on my story and industry. The conversation went extremely smoothly and was 100% natural. Anyone would be lucky to record with him. He covers interesting and relevant topics on so many areas that we aren’t taught in school. It’s definitely worth a listen.

Entertaining, Educational, and Applicable!

Justin has a unique and magnificent way of finding the perfect topics for his audience and then crafting episodes that provide actionable advice for listeners. Entertaining, applicable, and educational, the perfect podcast for young adults!

Dynamic Informative

As a former guest on The Struggle is Real and now enthusiastic listener of the podcast, I can attest that Justin is a thorough interviewer and his preparation brings a richness and depth to each conversation. Stop trying to navigate the slog of work on your own, let Justin and his guests be your guide to figuring out what the heck you want to do with your life.

Not your typical podcast

Justin peters is helping the younger generations grow and learn the principles of an independent and stable life. Great work

High quality, Thoughtful Questions

You can tell that Justin has done his research and puts a lot of time and effort into both getting excellent guest on and highlighting what they do well and the insights they have to share! I would definitely recommend it!

Easy Learning

There’s so much great tips in these interviews that everyone, but especially young professionals need to know. Successful networking or business communication doesn't come naturally to most, so it’s super important that your ready to deal with all kinds of coworkers in so many different situations. This podcast will be a solid starting point to get you thinking about the appropriate ways to communicate professionally which will pay so many dividends in your future. Enjoy!

I LOVE this podcast!! Justin puts in a wild amount of effort as a host. He researches his guests, clearly prepares them for the show, and keeps the conversation flowing and enlightening. Yeah, the podcast is meant for 20-somethings, but there's something here for everyone.

Great interviews!

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Justin a few months ago. It was a wonderful experience! He really did his research, and pulled topics and ideas from my extensive library of videos and blog posts so we could get into in-depth discussion. He has a really strong connection to his audience and their needs, and skillfully guides the conversation with that in mind. If you like Tim Ferris but find him out of touch with your lifestyle, you’ll probably love Justin!

Real Solutions For Real Life

Whether you're just starting your career or looking to hire someone who is, this podcast provides amazing insight into the challenges people face as they start out in adult life. But, more importantly, Justin's thought provoking questions draw out real solutions from his guests. Because the struggle is real.