Jan. 9, 2023

How to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution | E80 David Ward

How to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution | E80 David Ward

I hope you’ve taken the New Year as an opportunity to set priorities and state your goals. In today’s episode, we will discuss how to create systems in order to accomplish those goals.


My friend, David Ward from RunnersFI.com, is joining me in this conversation. From unhealthy and overweight to completing an ultra-marathon, David knows a thing or two about accomplishing the goals you set for yourself.


We will also discuss how to get started on your goal, when to use internal and external motivation, and escalating the meaning behind your goal with a concrete why.


Key Takeaways:

  • How to get started on your goals
  • It’s good to goal set but you need to create systems too
  • External motivation helps with the tough times but internal motivation keeps progress
  • Escalate your goal with a why



Are You Setting Goals or Are You Developing Systems?: https://runnersfi.com/are-you-setting-goals-or-are-you-developing-systems/

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Jesse Cramer on TSIR: www.tsirpodcast.com/75


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