May 1, 2023

What is the FIRE Movement? Retire in Your 30s | E96

What is the FIRE Movement? Retire in Your 30s | E96
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Aside from corporate holidays and one-week vacations, we are going to have to wait until 65 for a total sense of freedom and choice.

But do we? What if retirement was closer than that? Maybe in your 50s, your 40s, even your 30s.


This might seem like a pipe dream but there is an entire movement all with this goal in mind. And it’s called FIRE: Financial Independence, Retire Early.


In this episode, we are going to talk about the FIRE movement, how it’s redefining retirement, and how you can get on board.


Key Takeaways:

  • How to use the 4% rule to calculate your FI number
  • How the FIRE Movement got started
  • 3 lessons you can learn from the FIRE Movement
  • How you can get started on your FIRE journey



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