Exactly what all young adults need to hear!

This podcast has such great guests to guide young adults on their journey to adulting…on all the things they don’t teach in school. A fantastic and necessary podcast!

Incredible depth

I’ve heard some of his guests on other episodes but Justin just goes so much deeper with his research and depth. It’s a top notch podcast.

The Evolution of Consistency!

I was an early guest on Justin’s podcast journey and from the start I knew he was committed to excellence. There are certain things you can’t teach and one of them is the attitude to really commit yourself to a craft. If the interview I personally did went well it was only a matter of time until his experience in the podcast world gave him an edge in this podcast space. If you are ready for an engaging and educational conversation with all his great guest please give it this podcast a listen and be in awe!

Great show!

Super insightful episodes with great guests and *real* conversations. Keep doing what you’re doing Justin!

This Podcast is a Must Listen

Every episode is really relevant, informative and fun. My favorite episode is with Ali Binazir, the Happiness Engineer. Everyone will get something from this podcast!

Awesome Content

The podcast with the content I wish I learned in school. Perfect information and resources for young people diving into adulthood. Complete with a wide variety of topics and a great host.

Oh hi there!

I’m one of the lucky few who can call Justin family. He’s provided me with the support, advice and confidence to achieve my wildest goals. He’s eager to share his message with aspiring adults. As a twenty year old himself, he gets it. He’s walked in our shoes and his advice is tried and true. His platform does a great job of curating guests and information we all need to hear in order to face the challenges of maturity. Listen to this podcast and you’ll grow to be ten times better because of it. Cannot wait to see where Justin takes the podcast. Love you brother!

This podcast really hits home

This podcast has so many topics that I've been struggling with or honestly didn't realize I've been struggling with, like sleep, etc.. Always great guests and Justin does a great job making sure that the information is applicable and someone can break down the advice to whatever topic. Lots of stuff in this space, but this is a must listen for me.

One of my faves to listen to

I am a fan of the podcasts because I learn something new in every episode and the host is so well prepared. Justin keeps the discussion flowing and he makes it easy to keep the guests and listeners engaged! This show is a must follow!

A must listen

I have listened to several episodes and each one left me with a new sense of knowledge. Throw in your AirPods at work and enjoy the smooth tone of Justin’s voice. You will not be disappointed.

Solid Podcast

Definitely worth the listen. Each episode is packed full of helpful information. Full of unique and interesting guests as well as some amazing stories.

The struggle is real....but fun!!!

Unique! Fun! But also informative! This podcast is the perfect place to learn those life lessons you wish you could have heard sooner. You can tell from the very beginning of each episode, Justin loves what he does. His unique preparedness always has him asking his guests the right questions to bring to light their best advice and knowledge. Definitely a great listen every time!!

Inspirational, heart felt, and committed to your growth!

The Struggle is real is one of my favorite podcasts. Justin is such an amazing host and has a very unique style in getting his guests to open up. He brings on some real thought leaders and there’s always nuggets of wisdom gained from each episode. Give it a listen and see what I mean...

Growth mindset podcast

Amazing podcast! It’s goal is to cover topics not covered in the classroom. The speakers and interview quality are second to none! If your goal is to be the best you possibly this podcast will help to get you there!

Great Podcast for Professionals

Justin’s an awesome host - keep it coming!

To the point!

Justin is a great host. He always asks the questions I want answered. His guests are experienced and thoughtful.

Great podcast with a stellar host!!!

Great podcast for anyone trying to elevate their life! He talks taxes, lease negotiations, and investments- perfect for someone in their 20s!

Very relatable, great host!

Great host, very relatable, and informative not. Justin covers a multitude of topics in a refreshing manner. I came here to learn more about business and life. I look forward to more episodes because each one gives me unique perspective into real world issues.

Fun and Informative!

This podcast is so much fun and informative. The way Justin interacts with his guests help drive an intelligent conversation that is worth the time. This is definitely one of the top podcasts I listen to.

All star host!

Justin in an excellent host! He always brings out the best and most interesting stories from his guests. The Struggle Is Real is easy to listen to, high quality, and provides a lot of value.

Love this Show

I love this show and Justin is a fantastic host who asks engaging questions that pulls out the best for the listener.


Such an educational podcast! Justin does a incredible job educating his audience on a variety of different topics. This is a great podcast for the younger generation.

Gain some true knowledge with this eclectic podcast!

I really enjoy listening to Justin’s podcasts! There’s info on so many different topics with some really interesting and knowledgeable people! If you have not given this podcast a listen, I highly recommend it!

Love listening to The Struggle is Real!

This is the best podcast. I learn so much from each of the guest Justin interviews on the show! This show is a must listen!!

Great host and guests!

The content is very digestible and valuable. The host Justin, does a great job asking great questions to guide the guest. Easily one of my favorite podcasts.

I’ll be back for more!

This show has become my new favorite podcast to binge. It’s a great space for needed conversations to happen!

A wealth of info for 20-somethings

Justin dives into a range of great topics, from business, to career planning, to health and fitness. This is a well rounded podcast that delivers a ton of value to people looking to live life to the fullest.

An awesome personal development podcast

Justin is great at synthesizing information, and this podcast is no exception. He really has a way of getting to the important topics with his guests, and gives the audience actionable items to take away into their own lives. If you're looking for a reliable personal development podcast, this is a great choice for your podcast library, and I highly recommend it!