March 27, 2023

A Guide to Journaling: Prompts, Benefits, & Getting Started | E91 Megan Miller

A Guide to Journaling: Prompts, Benefits, & Getting Started | E91 Megan Miller
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In today's conversation, I went down this incredible, unplanned rabbit hole with my friend Megan Miller.

We both have a mutual love for journaling and I spent the first half of this conversation asking a lot of questions around her specific practice. It really made me realize how much of an impact my simple journaling practice has left on me.


I’m hoping this gives you some inspiration on how you could get started journaling and what benefits you can expect by doing so.


Aside from being a journaling enthusiast, Megan is a coach centered around helping high achievers detox off the drug of achievement. We discuss the potentially negative impact of relying on our career for validation. I don’t think getting validation from my career is inherently bad but whenever I find that is the only area I’m relying on, this creates a major imbalance with my life.


And surprise, surprise I kind of feel like I’m itching towards that right now and I’m curious for solutions so ask Megan questions about this subject too.


Key Takeaways:

  • How to make sure you start your day off the right way
  • Create a journal practice that works for you
  • How journaling can remind you of all the progress you’ve made
  • Detoxing off the drug of achievement
  • The Gap and The Gain: high achievers guide to success
  • Finding validation in other drawers of life


The Gap and The Gain by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy:


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Megan’s microstep journal:


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